fly boxes for fly fishing with flies

ACO Custom Saltwater Fly Boxes (30 flies)
my ghetto ass fly box and what's in it, lmk what y'all think lol
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G Fly Box + Assorted Dry, Wet, Gold Head Nymph, Buzzers Trout
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Fly Box #1
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My fly box. Anything else anyone would recommend? Fishing for multiple species. Trout in smaller to medium streams small bass and striped bass. : r/flyfishing
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24-126Pcs Fly Fishing Nymph Flies Assortment Wet Fly for Trout with Fly Box
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Eastern Trout Fly Assortment 24 Essential Dry and Nymph Fly Fishing Flies Collection 2 Dozen Trout Flies With Fly Box
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