Temperature probe relocation for 1000/1100 barrel shaped grills

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Pro-Series High Temp Needle Probe, 2.5

The Ambient Temperature Probe provides accurate temperature readings in hot and cold environments. Easy to mount inside of an oven or grill.

Ambient Probe - FireBoard Labs

Upgraded Austin XL with 1600CS controller, Page 2

K Type Open Thermocouple, 0-1100℃ EGT Thermocouple K Type for Exhaust Gas Temp Probe with Exposed Tip and Connector K Type Thermocouple Probe for Temperature Controller : Industrial & Scientific

TempPro H10B 500ft Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grill with Dual Meat Probe, Remote Meat Thermometer Wireless with Alarm, MEATER Thermometer

any of you noticing all temps WAY off? Prime peak here. Came from a cabinet smoker. I feel like 30* difference on probe and 25+ on ambient is an issue Bought a

Z Grills RTD Temperature Probe Sensor, Pellet Grill Replacement Parts for Digital Thermostat

Recteq Grill Owners Of America, I've owned two Traegers and now a Pitboss 1150 pro

【Replacement Kit】- Camp Chef Replacement Parts included 1 high-temperature waterproof rtd sensor ,1 stainless steel thermostat meat probe and 1 hot

Replacement for Camp Chef RTD Temperature Probe Sensor, Hot Rod Ignitor and Meat Probe Part Kit for Camp Chef Wood Pellet Grill Digital Thermostat

GrillPartsReplacement - Online BBQ Parts Retailer 9904190024 Temperature Probe Kit for Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560, 800, 1050 XL Series Digital Charcoal Smoker Grills

BBQube 5X Fast Response Grill Air Temperature Probe for BBQube and iGrill Thermometers