QWORK Drywall Tape, Heavy Duty Practical Drywall Tape Holder, Popular Drywall Tape Reel with Large Capacity, Drywall Reel Lift Belt Clip for Quick

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High Quality: The drywall tape holder is made of premium iron material, which is sturdy and solid, not easy to break, can hold heavy load. Design

The ToolPro Drywall Tape Reel makes taping drywall joints easier by keeping your joint tape handy on your belt. Thread tape through lower slot for easy tear-off. Steel keeper rod fits tight against reel and will not rattle. The tape keeper bar is held in place by tension due to the slightly raised center core. This unique design ensures that the roll cannot come loose while climbing ladders or leaning forward yet still allows the tape roll to spin and easily dispense without binding.

Toolpro Drywall Tape Reel

Measuring Tape, 7.5mm, ABS Housing

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The Wal-Board Tools Drywall Tape Reel has all-steel construction and holds a 500 ft. roll of tape. It has a handy belt clip and a quick-open design

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Sheetrock Tape - CS40202/PT 225

Retractable Extension Cord Reel 50+3.2FT, 16/3 SJT Power Cord Reel, Heavy Duty

Drywall Tape Holder

Wal-Board Tools 10-1/4 in. Drywall Tape Reel 041-001-HD - The Home Depot

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Compact Fixed Blade Folding Utility Knife and FatMax 16 ft. Autolock Tape Measure

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