Hawaiian Hook Charm

By A Mystery Man Writer

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Hawaiian 3D Fish Hook Necklace, Sterling Silver 3D Fish Hook Pendant, Hawaiian Jewelry, Valentine Anniversary Birthday Gift

Maori Maui Fish Hook Necklace, Aotearoa New Zealand Hei Matau Makau Pendant, Hawaiian Manaiakalani, Polynesian Tribal Design Art

Anchor a Luxurious Look with a Diamond/Zirconia Fish Hook Pendant, In Hawaiian culture, the fish hook symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and abundance.

14k Gold Hawaiian Fish Hook Pendant with Diamond or Zirconia

Unique Hawaiian Large Fish Hook Necklace, Hand Carved Buffalo Bone 3D Fish Hook Necklace, N9102 Birthday Mother Gift, Island Jewelry

Solid 14K Yellow Gold Fish Hook Pendant, Large, 2 1/2 Long, 8.3 Grams, Hawaiian

Pendant Size: 30mm x 50mm Elegance and island charm come together in our Sterling Silver Hook Pendant adorned with Abalone Shell and Hawaiian Koa Wood. This pendant captures the essence of the ocean and the warmth of Hawaiian culture. The Abalone Shell shimmers with iridescent colors, reminiscent of the sea's ever-changing hues, while the rich Koa Wood adds an earthy touch. Crafted with attention to detail, this pendant is a wearable piece of art that embodies the beauty of Hawaii.

Sterling Silver Hook Pendant with Abalone Shell & Hawaiian Koa Wood

Hei Matau symbolizes strength, determination, good health, prosperity and protection. Large size is 18mm wide, 32mm long and 4.3mm thick. Tribal

Large HEI Matau, Maori Tribal Fish Hook Charm with Black in Sterling Silver

This necklace features a hand carved Hawaiian fish hook bone pendant wrapped on an adjustable linen cord. Hawaiian fish hooks are often referred to as Makau. Makau in Hawaiian directly translated means fear. In ancient times, they used these hooks to fish for food. Makau hooks represent a connection to the ocean. They are also known as symbols of strength. Charming Shark necklaces are the perfect accessory to compliment your venturous look.

Bone Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklace Black

Fish Hook Pendant Necklace, Hawaiian Necklaces Men

What Does the Fish Hook Symbolize?

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Unique Hawaiian X-Large Koa Wood Fish Hook Necklace, Hand Carved Genuine Koa Wood Fish Hook Necklace, N9135 Birthday Valentine Gift

14K Gold Black Jade Hawaiian Fish Hook Pendant

Sterling Silver Black Jade Hawaiian Fish Hook Pendant [Chain Included]