60 Magnum Folding Ruler

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Wholesale folding ruler With Appropriate Accuracy

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Rapala Retractable Ruler

Rapala 60 Magnum Folding Ruler

Rapala Folding Rulers

Hog Trough Fish Ruler

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60 Inch Ruler

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Rapala 60in Retractable Ruler - The 60in Retractable Ruler will ensure that you always know the length of your catch. Spring loaded retractable ruler for easy storage. Oversized, easy to read numbers, in 1/2” increments up to 60”. Non-reflective surface ensures length shows in photos. Made from a long-lasting, UV protected, waterproof material. Flip-up nose board for accurate measuring.

Rapala 60 in Retractable Ruler

Hog Trough Fish Ruler

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